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Advisory & Investment Service

Layering commercial maritime expertise, quantitative modeling and financial structuring; we structure maritime investment portfolios to withstand market cycles by identifying timing of pure value, vessels with economic utility and strategic optionality, to create a sustainable foundation for success.

Investment Strategy

  • Deploying a disciplined pure value approach to maritime assets, investing across leasing, acquisition, first mortgage and mezzanine capital structures.

  • Usage of proprietary data analysis to define the real value of an acquisition fixed and marginal costs structures.

  • Portfolio management focus on acquiring vessels with economic utility and operational flexibility by leveraging our global network of management teams.

  • Strategic optionality focus to monetize the timing of acquisitions.


  • Commercial management, bunkering and emission modeling services for tanker, gas and bulk carriers.

  • Bareboat and time-charter leasehold valuation and risk management.

  • Acquisition modeling, portfolio construction strategy and cash-flow budgeting.

  • Application of data for valuation and portfolio stress testing.

  • Capital raising, structuring and fund management.

Recent Engagements

  • Acquisition of 2x LNGC for transition into a fixed-based operator (2021).

  • Statistical validation and modeling of maritime exposure for term charters, cargo contracts, and risk management strategy (2021).

  • Alternative maritime fuel research and carbon emission modeling for a global trading company (2020). 

  • Macro-economic volatility analyses and causality effect on principal portfolio investments, strategy and real assets (2019).

  • Transitioning of a global operating “cost-center” to a “profit-center” for a global energy trading company (2016-2021).

    • Opening the regional trading office and integrating work-flows globally through SPA’s and Service Agreements.

    • Originating mandates for procurement, derivative execution, proprietary trading, leasehold marketing, and risk management.

    • Management of over 100 tankers across equity investments and long-term leasehold transactions.

    • Aligning global operational and administrative functions to support trading and chartering teams. 

  • Expert negotiation and execution of contract forms for financiers, equity sponsors, vessel fleets, and cargo needs: (2004-2021)

    • TCP, BBC

    • SBC, Supervision & Makers List Negotiations

    • SPA,MOA, Term Sheets, NSF

    • All tanker/gas/bulk carrier voyage charter contract forms

  • Expert witness in case law and consultant in commercial strategy for portfolio contracts and disputes: (2021)

    • Letters of Indemnity & Bill of Lading 

    • Bunker Quality disputes.

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